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By Florence Sakade (Author) and Yoshio Hayashi (Illustrator)

From singing turtles and flying farmers to a weeping dragon and rice bags that replenish themselves, readers of all ages will find engaging characters and moments of magic in these beloved Japanese folk tales.

The stories in this collection include:

The Magic Mortar—A tale that explains why the sea is salty
How to Fool a Cat—A funny story about a clever woodworker
The Rolling Mochi Cakes—Good food, a beautiful song and a lesson on the benefits of sharing with others
The Dragon's Tears—A sweet tale about first impressions, kindness and inclusivity

Broken up into 16 folk tales, this book will become a go-to for bedtime and storytime. Kids (and adults!) will have the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture in a fun, accessible way.

  • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
  • Hardcover, Jacketed
  • Date Published: 08/04/2020