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Authors Roy Miki & Slavia Miki

Illustrated by Mariko Ando

Peggy's Impossible Tale is told in the voice of a remarkable guinea pig. Full of action and surprises, it is guaranteed to captivate the attention of beginning readers. Peggy learns how to communicate with the loving family that adopted her, and goes on to win a much-coveted prize for her accomplishments. (From Tradewind Press)

Peggy's Impossible Tale is for readers aged 7-9.

Manitoba-born Roy Miki is a poet, scholar, editor and Order of Canada recipient most known for his social and literary work. Roy Miki won the Governor General's Literary Award for poetry in 2002 for Surrender. His partner, Slavia Miki, is an author and life coach. 

Mariko Ando is a Japan-born artist and illustrator based in Vancouver.