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For more than a decade, Nikkei National Museum has been dedicated to spotlighting artists shaping the field of Japanese Canadian art. This is a special offer on our exhibit catalogues featuring works by contemporary Japanese Canadian artists. Themes range from identity and internment history to nature and gentrification. Explore a variety of mediums and formal practices emerging in the landscape of Japanese Canadian art today. 

Set includes:

  1. Takao Tanabe: Sumie Ink Brush Paintings
  2. YO-IN Reverberation
    Featured artists: Nobuo Kubota, Cindy Mochizuki, Kazuo Nakamura, Emma Nishimura, Louise Noguchi, Jon Sasaki, Aiko Suzuki, Shizuye Takashima.
  3. Jesse Nishihata Visual Storyteller
  4. Double Zero: The Point Between Future Past
    Jeremy Isao Speier and Junichiro Iwase
  5. Revitalizing Japantown?
  6. Wild Birds Carvings by Tad Yesaki Photographs by Roy Hamaguchi
  7. Nikkei 日系 exhibit brochure