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Scent: 6 for Morning (Pine, Plum, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea, Ginkgo) and 6 for Evening (Japanese maple, Daffodil, Bellflower, Sakura, Iris, Mallow Leaves)
Size: L 20 × W 20 × H 2 mm (L 0.79 × W 0.79 × H 0.08 inch)

Burning time: 7 minutes approx.
Origin: Japan
※Caution: Incense might break if you hold them with pressure, so handle them with care.

This flower pressed incense is expertly blended by a workshop in Kyoto with more than 250 years of experience in the art of incense. The scents are inspired and crafted by Japan's stunning nature using time-honored techniques to create a truly authentic Japanese Zen experience. Take care of yourself the authentic Japanese way.

How to Burn Pressed Incense?
1. Place the pressed incense on a stand holder in a non flammable surface for stability and to avoid spreading ashes.
2. Choose a calm and non-windy area, and light the top of the incense.
3. Blow out the flame and enjoy!

What Should I Do After Burning?
1. If the incense is lighted out, put it out by pressing the tip off.
2. Throw away!