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These colourful tenugui are made with a traditional dying technique called Chusen by talented craftspeople. The dye penetrates the fabric and makes the back and front both have the same clear pattern. Some colours mix and merge during the dying process and create unique effects. The more you use it, the softer the cloth becomes. The ends are not sewn, which allows the cloth to dry quickly. You will experience short threads coming loose at the raw edges when you start using it. This will naturally stop creating a short fringe. We hope you will enjoy a piece of Japan in your daily life.


  • Approximately 33cm (12-inches) by 90cm (35-inches) 
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan by MIYAMOTO Co., Ltd.  @jikanstyle

  • How to use

    • Tenugui can be basically used for anything a towel could be used for such as to wipe your hands or use it in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
    • It makes a beautiful and practical gift when you use it to wrap a bottle of wine, or a box of chocolates as a gift to a party host.
    • It’s a handy item to have when travelling as it multipurpose it as a handkerchief or scarf. It doesn’t take up space and can be washed easily and dries quickly.

    多彩でバリエーション豊富な和のデザインを、 「注染(ちゅうせん)」技法を用いて職人によって一枚一枚染めています。片面しか色がのらないプリントと違って、注染は糸自体を染めるので、表・裏がないのが最大の特徴です。また、一度に複数の色を染められ、色と色が混じりあう表現ができるので、独特の色合い、また絶妙なタッチや立体感が表現できるのも特徴のひとつです。使い込むほどに柔らかくなじむ、独特の風合いが特徴です。大胆さとユーモアを取り入れ、日本の四季を感じる色や柄で日常を彩ります。