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Material: Ceramic, brass
Origin: Incense plate: Japan (Toki, Gifu prefecture), Incense stand: Japan

Incense sticks not included.

100% Made in Japan Incense Holder
Real Japanese pottery ceramics made 100% in the city of Toki, Gifu Prefecture. Made in the mino ware style, which was developed more than 1300 years ago. Mino ware is a protected traditional craft from Gifu characterized by its innovative use of glaze and its unusual shapes and colours, which have been loved by the Japanese people for a long time.

Small Traditional Japan Wabi Sabi Style Incense Plate Holder
A small incense plate with a wabi sabi feeling (one of the aesthetic senses of Zen based on simplicity). The glaze pattern occurs while cooling after firing due to the difference in shrinkage between the glaze and the base material. Each pattern has a different expression depending on the glaze flow. Enjoy the different colors and textures depending on the viewing angle while burning incense and enjoying the scents. You can also simply use the incense plate for burning incense cones.

Easy to Clean and Store
Since the stand has a deep hole to insert a stick, the incense stick will not move and the ashes will not be dispersed around, making this incense holder easy to clean. In addition, the smooth surface makes it easy to wipe off. ※Please light incense in a place without wind.