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Taiken: History Mystery is an interactive educational card game about surviving the Japanese Canadian internment.

Standard gameplay methods are suitable for 2-5 players, ages 11 and up. Younger children can play Memory Matchup with the deck’s Start and End cards (see rules booklet).

When you play Taiken: History Mystery, you will meet a number of remarkable Japanese Canadians who were alive during the 1940s, a time when the Canadian government carried out racist policies that changed the lives of Japanese Canadians forever.

Your goal is to find out how one person made their way through this tumultuous time by choosing the correct three red “event” cards that link their pre-1940s life to their post-1940s life. Claim, discard, and trade cards until you have solved your History Mystery.

Daruma deck cards include:
Hanako Sato
Tom Shoyama
Buck Suzuki
Shizuye Takashima
Margaret Lyons

Tsuru deck include:
Tomekichi Homma
Midge Ayukawa
Kaye Kaminishi
Muriel Kitagawa
Art Miki

Tabi deck includes:
Mits Sumiya
Hide Hyodo Shimizu
Marie Katsuno
Eikichi Kagetsu
Minoru Fukushima