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Forest Scent Set 
Hinoki Cypress
・Japanese Cedar Wood

70-80 sticks in total included
One stick lasts approx. 25 mins.

2 fragrances, 2 different moods
A hinoki cypress fragrance for a refreshing morning, Cedar wood for a calming evening. These are carefully selected incenses for morning and evening by Asayu Japan so you can have the perfect combination in one pack. This Forest inspired set provides woody blends that evoke a deep sense of calm as if you were in the middle of the deep forest - but from the comfort of your own home!

How to Use
1) Light up the tip of the stick and
blow out the flame.
2) Place the stick in a holder on a tray so ashes don’t scatter.
3) Enjoy!
※You can also enjoy Asayu Japan's Spotify list while using the incense. Just scan the code included in the instruction booklet with the Spotify app.