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Award-winning author Darcy Tamayose returns with Ezra's Ghosts, a collection of fantastical stories linked by a complex mingling of language and culture, as well as a deep understanding of grief and what it makes of us. Within these pages a scholar writes home from the Ryukyu Islands, not knowing that his hometown will soon face a deadly calamity of its own. Another seeker of truth is trapped in Ezra after her violent death, and must watch how her family -- and her killer -- alter in her absence. The oldest man in town, an immigrant who came to Canada to escape imperial hardships, sprouts wings, and a wounded journalist bears witness to his transformation. Finally, past and present collide as a researcher reflects on the recent skinwars that have completely altered the world's topography. Binding the stories together is an intersect of arrival and departure -- in a quiet prairie town called Ezra.

"Darcy Tamayose -- a wondrous talent arising through Canadian prairie soil to let us see ourselves more clearly, more fully and deeply through our unique histories -- in her case, through the singular warmth and healing light of Okinawa. If any place on earth is magical, it is there." Joy Kogawa, Author of Obasan