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Kendama is a game of skill. The toy features a handle (or ken) with two cups, a spike, and a ball on a string. Toss the ball into the air and attempt to catch it in a cup, then move onto increasingly complicated tricks and techniques. You can even get into the competitive scene!

 Crafted by local artisans Terra Kendama.

Looking for a solid but minimal setup? These Japanese kendama toys made of beechwood are the perfect fix. Add your own art by painting or engraving them, or just leave them natty and get straight to shredding!

  • 'Nemus' shape
  • High quality beechwood 
  • Terra leaf logo engraving
  • Fat edges to lock stall tricks
  • Bottom cup balance hole for lunar balance
  • Bearing bead for reduced string tangle
  • Avg Weight:  77.8g ken / 81.5 g tama 
  • Tama diameter: 6.25 cm
  • Ken length: 16.5 cm

Each kendama includes a spare string/bearing pack and a Terra Kendama sticker.