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59 articles make windows through time into the development of one of the founding communities of west coast, modern-day Canada.

The pieces span 1977 to 2019.

These reports, letters, presentations, and even theatrical scripts were first presented in conferences and festivals, and published in books, local newspapers, and international journals.

In his Selected Writings, Tatsuo Kage tracks the Japanese Canadian community’s migration. The people moved physically from Japan, and philosophically from the Imperial Era. They traversed integration in the wider Canadian society, and then - suddenly - faced displacement, internment, and exile. They took many steps and finally achieved redress.

Many continued along that path of redress to further postwar reconciliation: abroad and among communities within Canada.
This volume speaks clearly to community organizers; political leaders; and educators at all levels – with some similar content reduplicated from publication for different audiences. This book is for anyone who wants to understand what a multicultural society is made of and how to pursue pluralism.

With an introduction by John Price, Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; and a Foreword by Mikoto Yoshida, grandson of the author, an American citizen and veteran.