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Author Joy Kogawa
Illustrated by Ruth Ohi

A young couple leaves Japan for the coast of Canada, bringing a cherry seed to plant in their new garden. During the years that follow, the little cherry tree watches over the family as the couple have children and grandchildren. Young Naomi makes the cherry tree her special friend, and the tree's branches shelter her as she plays. But one day, war breaks out between the two countries, and the family is sent to an internment camp away from the coast. For many years the cherry tree sends out a song of love and peace that reaches Naomi only in her dreams. But the insects and small animals hear the song, and on the wind they send back their own messages assuring the tree that Naomi is safe and will one day return. And when she does, the tree will be waiting for her.

Publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Size 216 x 279 mm