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NNMCC's Red Crowned Crane mural, done by Tokyo-born, BC-based artist Taka Sudo, is now available in-store and online as a T-shirt. Available in many sizes ranging from: XS, S, M, L, and XL. 

Taka Sudo, a highly regarded artist with a diverse portfolio, has masterfully crafted a mural that combines vibrant colours and dynamic imagery. The mural’s focal point is a custom-designed 2-panel Crane, featuring the elegant tanchōzuru Red-Crowned Crane, seigaiha waves symbolizing peace and resilience, and kasumi mist evoking a sense of mystique. This carefully curated design reflects Japanese cultural symbolism, invoking themes of happiness, good luck, family, and longevity.

The mural holds a deeper significance by fostering a connection between Japanese and Canadian cultures. The Red-Crowned Crane native to Kushiro Japan, Burnaby’s sister city, is a symbol of the marshes and a revered figure in Ainu traditions. This representation underlines the bond between the two nations and celebrates their shared values.

Bring home a shirt and enjoy taking a closer look at the vibrant colours and careful details.