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An exhibit in honour of the 70th anniversary of Japanese Canadian Internment

Co-curators: Beth Carter and Sherri Kajiwara

Featured artists: Nobuo Kubota, Cindy Mochizuki, Kazuo Nakamura, Emma Nishimura, Louise Noguchi, Jon Sasaki, Aiko Suzuki, Shizuye Takashima.

Yo-in 余韻 Reverberation questions the legacy of the Japanese Canadian internment and examines its continued reverberation in today’s world. YO-IN brings together two groups of contemporary artists of Japanese Canadian ancestry: senior artists who lived through internment juxtaposed with the current generation. Rather than a literal retelling, the selected artworks address themes of memory, place, and identity.

Exhibit catalogue, May 19-August 25, 2012.